registered blog is best for the default template, then the blog personal information complete, by the way can take what decorate pendant, title of uniqueness, let others look like this blog look carefully, if the flow rate is large, some blog administrator checks, that is not easy to be blocked.

in a blog before we must first understand the blog blocked the following reasons: illegal information 1, Article 2, SEQING; information and pictures; 3, advertising. In fact, the first two is normal, the key third, this range is too large, if the space is completely sealed off advertising, that is completely understandable, but the range of love Shanghai blocked, as long as there is the name of the enterprise, marketing and promotion, as well as the theme of the whole space optimization is a kill range.

blog taboo and details of

know more information then you can begin to have. In the previous blog must not with any link. Now the new blog post did not like before so fast can be collected, we can to win, but don’t waste paper production. Since we want to do it, it is not too impatient, such as a built blog, immediately connect with the hair article, do you blog included more slowly, or even not included, a webmaster said in a blog: "every article I have worked so hard to do the connection. For 2 months.

Two, understand the

, a selected high weight blog

blog and chain, first select a few high weight blog for registration. Not too much, 10 is enough. I personally use blog Sina, Sohu, Shanghai, and love space, Tianya, gold online, 51贵族宝贝, bokee贵族宝贝, Ruili blog, blog bus. Before I had the NetEase’s blog, but at the beginning of August when the NetEase blog was added to the nofollow mark, then gave up this blog. Love Shanghai is currently in the domestic search alone big, love Shanghai space is relatively high in the weight of love Shanghai, so many do blog promotion marketers are the preferred space in Shanghai.


as a new webmaster, no contacts and no resources to do the chain need to work harder. Although there are many ways of the chain, with the forum and blog is the most commonly used, and you can add anchor text. For the novice webmaster, the blog to the site with the chain of the most suitable, relatively than postings in the forum forum now more freedom, more stringent management, often ShanTie, the new station is very large, I a station because it had a little problem. With free blog the chain on your "keep", if there is no patience and perseverance, there is no way to operate well, do not just treat it as a chain of places for a long time, these blog weight slowly up, back to our advantage is great. Chinese blog has a large group of users, at the same time, the effect of the blog marketing is also very good.

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