is from the demand point aggregation search and user behavior of the integration of resources, information rich in show, while providing new search experience, reduce the cost of obtaining information. For example, I search for "Yuanke Wang", in addition to her.

two, induction location search


, a personalized search

‘s real-time search is based on the user search time and adjust the different search results, according to the time, place, event dimension capture, such as Pang Riquan now search "flag", it should be the new fifteenth sets of "standard" TV series, instead of "astral" banners appear related information. For example, users can learn to search the Luohu Bus Station and Luohu Bus Station road around Shenzhen Luohu information, and even the emergence of API, allowing the user to select the departure and destination, and then shift the costs and other related information to appear in the.

induction location search is based on the search users in different geographic locations and return different search results. The love of Shanghai PC search is based on the user’s IP to adjust the part of the search results page, but this is not universal. While mobile search can be very good to get the user location information, with a keyword search for each user in different locations may want information will not be the same. For example, users in the search "Lijiang", Guangdong may be from Guangdong to Lijiang line and tourist guide; and the user search "Lijiang" in Lijiang, may want is now Lijiang weather forecast, near the scenic spots and tourist routes. Induction of geographical position search closer to the user needs, greatly reducing the user need to find information in time.

polymerization search


with the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone, mobile search has become increasingly popular. According to CNNIC thirtieth Internet survey, as of June 2012, the total size of Chinese mobile phone users is 388 million. Among them, mobile phone browser users to 278 million, in the penetration rate of mobile phone users reached 71.7%. Mobile phone browser has become the main mode of mobile phone Internet users, so that love Shanghai, 360 and soso and other search engines to get involved in the mobile search. According to the development trend of the Internet, the mobile search volume will search volume higher than PC. Today Riquan personal views about Pang according to the development trend of mobile search.

personalized search is according to user search habits to adjust the search results page content, each input the same keywords words are obtained different results, make search results more in line with the user’s search intention. In fact, PC search has been applied to personalized search, but PC cannot achieve targeted personalized search, such as a PC is not guaranteed to be the same person in use. But the mobile search call personal information could be better, because mobile devices are often personal, such personal information is more accurate, return search results more in line with the user’s search intention.

real time search

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