owners are busy, no time to scan and search and site theme related books, then we can use the resource sharing sites, such as VERYCD, Sina network resource sharing, resource sharing and so on. There are a lot of PD>

, for example, will be on a study as the theme of the website content updates, we can use the relevant keywords, for example, students studying in the United States, Britain, Australia and so on related news source search keywords. Usually, if we love Shanghai for webmaster optimization, then we can use a search of news and Google news source. Believe that the webmaster all know, news sources in the article are generally the latest, and appear in the search engine of the repetition rate is smaller. This method I mentioned here, can also be said that while the search engine is not a repeat of "resentment, we promptly" used ", this ism obviously can greatly increase the probability of the station if you included, the spider crawling frequently, and you reproduced enough action quickly, then reprint articles in general most will be included. After verification, this method is only suitable for frequent spider crawling website, update the page snapshot of the website of the day.

two methods: the use of text recognition tools, content pages will scan into the picture, and then turned into words, and into their website.

this way, maybe many webmaster in use, because of the reproduced content on the Internet is the one and only. Here, the author to share how it can be used easily and freely. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle. The webmaster, your tools are excellent. Do you still use book number seven? If you use OCR Hanvon identification picture text still? Tell you, abandon the recognition software annoying them. The author after others recommended, know a software –ABBYY FineReader 9, the function is very powerful, the correct recognition rate is almost 98%, online download crack.

method: use the search engine news source search.

as everyone knows, the rich content is a web site development and expansion of the cornerstone, imagine how a tenuous achieve success and win recognition in the vast network of the sea? The answer is obviously negative. Webmaster, often in order to follow the law of the original gold content unchanged and scorched by the flames. The actual operation process if the content website to do 100% of the original, in order to enrich the site much easier said than done?, make a site rich in the original at the same time, we still have to depend on the reproduced, reproduced in the operating process, the author’s point of view, advocates "taken well, can we please visitors and search engines. In this paper, the purpose of writing is to share, how to increase the amount collected reprinted articles. Based on past experience, I will in the following several methods about to reprint the search engines, share with you. Maybe some webmasters do method has been used here when the right to initiate.

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