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today to have the opportunity to see a global Shanghai Dragon Industry Report in Lu Songsong’s blog, to share with you the general content:

has been a confusion, and this confusion is not the first day around me. No matter who is family or friends, when they hold concern asked: what do you do? Then I will get used to the answer: Shanghai dragon. Then you will see a more than a stunned and confused face. Yes, they do not know what is the Shanghai dragon, what, what is the role of. Every time I have to spend a lot of time to explain, I do not know if you encounter such a situation also tired, anyway, every time I finished I feel tired, then develop into answering said, do not understand their own Baidu ask.

in the field of Shanghai dragon industry friends have a general understanding and judgment of the industry. But the number of investigations mostly from the United States, so only for reference.

from where the Shanghai dragon knowledge

in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, men accounted for a large proportion of 77%, aged between 26-34 years old, there is a large number of people inside the company or internal development.

5, 50% people will attend training seminars (PS, no wonder Shanghai dragon so fire training)


Shanghai dragon is the most important kind of thinking, grasp the idea of correct strategy, you can.

network marketing, Shanghai dragon is just a kind of website promotion methods in the. Just 10 years ago few people to play, we are playing now, has become a hot. So we magnify his importance. We Chinese have a hobby, is to see where money is to build up the family fortunes between where the drill, always thinking a night, the real want to get too good, however, each person’s success is not so easy, to emphasize the opportunity and luck, to their ability.

The report of The basic characteristics of

and 92% were not full-time, part of Shanghai Longfeng content just to work, they also engaged in the work, 1, data analysis, site statistics; 2, link construction; 3, content marketing; 4, social media or community management.

3, 64% people will read a Book

of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners

1, 93% people get through the online blog website,

so, today, whether in or outside, let us work together to deepen the understanding, Shanghai dragon. Let more people know Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon. First, we can see the whole of Shanghai dragon world.

4, 53% people will participate in the meeting

2, by more than 88% of actual combat experience

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