brand is mainly embodied in the name of the web site. For example, Taicang. Every day the love Shanghai index can reach 1000.

2. from other sites post about 4.62%

Summary: A few days ago in the

can be seen from the above list, search engines over accounted for more than fifty percent.

said the above points, we can see that these words can not only improve website traffic, especially the third kinds of words, the Internet can play a role to help, it is bound to increase Internet users for the site dependent and improve the viscosity.

five, local hot events

forum to do a small survey, a member of this forum is to know. There are several options:

local stable hot word: the weather of Taicang, Taicang map.

long tail word: XX where XX Hotel, what fun place, where there is XX express words and so on and so on.

two, local service

in front of the key words how to distinguish the authenticity of an article, mentioned a popular event. For example, in many parts of the parade, the parade will give me the word XX forum is not a small flow. This kind of words, we need to take advantage of, because it has a strong timeliness, over time, will have no value in use.

5. introduced by a friend 27.69%

three, where the long tail word

in most areas, there is a large amount of search. These words we can use the column page to do rankings, even can be added in the page title or description.

1. 3.08%

3. from the QQ group known as 10.77%

although this kind of words can not single bring a lot of traffic to the site, but accumulated more, invincible.

love the search out of the 53.85%

I said, local portal site, about keywords Shanghai Longfeng could use up.

, of course, there are many limitations, this forum for personal reasons, do not have too much external promotion. One is not so much time and energy, also do not have much capital investment promotion

, a brand of

this kind of words, compared with other types of flow words are much higher, but very stable. Is this kind of word can be a part of Internet users into our own website.

Talent network, real estate network

four, local stability of popular word

4. Shanghai

local service words: Taicang talent network, Taicang real estate network, Taicang automotive network etc..


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