in the development of the Internet era, the search engine is popular, intense competition in the market today, all enterprises are constantly investment promotion. But the search engine is not to work, is the need of time, engaged in this industry must be creative, combined with previous experience to search engine optimization path better, their own businesses to bring more useful.

We all know that

Leben for the website search engine optimization is of great help to highlight the text link can let the spider in search of that is the focus of the web site, because.

here are some help a little experience on the site optimization and share with you, hope you can put your web business better.

, a text link on the website optimization with the help of

website is very important in the search engine ranking position, if can appear in front of them, naturally flow will be greater than the other location, so the webmaster will continue to study how to make the site to get good rankings in search results. On this basis, but also not necessarily can transform much effective user, so this time we must consider the user experience, to achieve better value according to the user’s situation.


many companies are very focused on the optimization of Shanghai dragon, want to use this method to make their site in the front row, what is the row in front of the benefit? Recently and a webmaster chat, the webmaster is Shanghai Longfeng faithful executor, in order to find living space in the network, even far from the northeast to the south in Jiangsu, they present small team optimization keywords in Shanghai love home, however, the benefits are only enough to pay the rent and food costs, a key value is much, I think the friend knows best, the same row in Shanghai love home, a different keyword value obtained is different, a lot of people all ran to home, but it is difficult to estimate the value of keywords. The webmaster friends still in love this keyword Shanghai home every day to do maintenance work. Allow more users to truly understand and improve their awareness of enterprises. The search engine for users to discover new sites of great value, this is from the user to analyze the needs of users.

Shanghai, the optimization objective is to what? The love Shanghai home let more people add users to search the site visits, Shanghai love home is limited, competition is unlimited, a popular keywords, love Shanghai seize several, love Shanghai products (know, encyclopedia, news) for another few seats, some weight high website and then inadvertently left to occupy the position of the grassroots webmaster position, there are several? And that the position of the search engine next hang by a thread, the update site inadvertently violated the "day" and were afraid of very upset right down. Shanghai dragon let the webmaster become careful and busy, or even completely ignores one of the most important factors that bring benefits to their own "user"

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