from June 28th began to love Shanghai K station has been focused on search engine trends, the site was K immediately after the site has been adjusted. (1) the first is the website of our website interior modulation, articles are few editors to write their own, the only truly original, may be considered cheating is hidden in the home, because home page layout are not designed to optimize the key section, so the article is hidden, although the articles are original, but this it is a risk that is k immediately after the cancellation of hidden links in the website home page, add to the industry dynamic optimization. (2) in order to make the search engine to crawl to the previous article, set up a site map link on the home page, the page is through this link to go before all the optimization of the list. (3) after adjustment to love Shanghai submitted a complaint, though not necessarily useful, but becoming a sick, believe in love K so much miss the Shanghai station, will pay more attention to your complaints than before.

Because the

from the beginning of June, Shanghai began a phased love K station, almost overnight, tens of thousands of Web sites are K, make friends stand jittery, our website is killed by K, and I do for the person in charge is suffering, love Shanghai starting in June 28th, has experienced several big K station, our website is found in July 9th included drop, but the snapshot still, No. 10 included start to 0, snapshot also dropped, was completely K. We are K on the site and the optimization strategy on their own to do a lot of adjustments, the website included snapshot, August 15th was released, and included but increased a lot, also put out the keyword ranking. Here is our website from K to restore the whole process to share with you, hope to explore together, make progress together.

based on the above analysis, we then do.

above is the first time to do is to adjust the site after K, actually feel that these changes are belong to the basic adjustment, or is said before negligence, to do some adjustments behind the site restoration plays a decisive role.


first, we analyzed the algorithm for changes in the laws, also studied a group of K station and left the station, carefully studied the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement, general analysis are summarized as follows: (1) the Shanghai love began to fight do the optimization of the web site, there are obvious signs of optimization the website listed in the K list of stations (2) love Shanghai pay more attention to the user access behavior (3) reduces the weight of the chain, increase the weight of the site of internal links, more emphasis on the relevance of the link, as well as enhance the effective value of the chain (4) to enhance the weight of their products, especially love Shanghai know and love the Shanghai encyclopedia, now search a lot of words in front of the row is his own products (5) focus on social media behavior, is mainly reflected in the exposure and behavior of users of a website in social media (6) for The chain weight high site to give more weight to or is called trust.

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