love Shanghai now in encouraging the wolf, in fact, is very difficult to do a wolf, the wolf also has two sides, love Shanghai is the search engine, should be public, but actually love Shanghai is dominating the prairie overlord, love Shanghai is the lion tiger, why do wolves now? Do lions and tigers are not ferocious? According to my personal observation, should be this: love is not getting enough to eat in Shanghai. The stomach is not enough to eat, but do not have enough ambition. Love is a Shanghai insatiably avaricious beast. Unfortunately, as the love of Shanghai volunteer, love Shanghai on the battlefield, successive defeat, the Shanghai army has love with vigour and vitality ah hung up, and the Japanese Alliance of cool days pseudo Legion The whole army was wiped out. Love Shanghai and American forces also continued to form Iqiyi losses. Love Shanghai HI, one of the three flow chat software, is floating. Love of Shanghai library, launched on the lawsuit continued, the writers Rights League v. love Shanghai Library of sentencing: awarded 145 thousand yuan.

so far, pinkeye love Shanghai did not cure, see the webmaster forum for the development of Shanghai have a good love, love of Shanghai forum, but also love Shanghai webmaster tools, really disgusting, Chinese small webmaster, which do not hate love Shanghai. Love every year in Shanghai K station. "

industry bigger, will have their own advertising alliance system, Shanghai will further loss of customers love; the site is bigger, will produce a complete set of their own search engines, so love Shanghai search traffic will be further reduced; at present, 58, go to the market, the people, are quietly eating the love in the service life of Shanghai the market share of products promotion. Industry website VIP membership advertising sales also erode the love of Shanghai enterprises commodity products promotion of market share, the love of Shanghai in search of the adjustment, increase efforts to promote sales for these industry website VIP members, the sea will therefore gradually fall in love with the loss of a large number of customers to promote the love of Shanghai.

should be the future development trend of each industry should have its own search engine. As now, each industry has its own portal portal forum like. Although the development of the industry portal forum website, very difficult, such as in the survival of many Alibaba under the oligarch industry website (for example, the Chinese building materials network China floor net), after the rise of the CHINAZ and the laggards A5, Shanghai dragon WHY, but today, these websites are very good. Love Shanghai station power industry development, industry station will appreciate love Shanghai, but this appreciation is not allegiance, will only make Chinese Internet appear more similar to love Shanghai overlord, this to love Shanghai is not good.

love Shanghai adjust the search ranking for a large industry priority display, it is very useful to deal with small owners, against the Shanghai dragon is also useful, seemingly good love Shanghai. But in the opposite position to see, such as standing in the station position, it changed the taste, love the sea recognized, that is to say the emperor’s princes, since princes, then bigger and stronger may be greater.

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