is the main reason of the brush flow is undoubtedly the industry competition. Who want to climb to the first, the first one, this time how to do? But others point to Dou Yin, you can see in the first time. This is apparently due to spam traffic, website ranking will decline. Secondly, there are some small reasons. You are good, but others lazy. Take Shanghai dragon industry, strong chain is very effective for Google, love Shanghai, love the original construction of the focus on the user experience and content on a large degree of Shanghai. Can some Shanghai dragon just a few weeks lazy do not update the article, are on the outside of the chain to support. This website can not say there is no ranking. But at least the ranking is not very good. So they may take the brush flow way to destroy the harmonious industry.


recently feel myself a bit from a young cynic, the so-called magic attack selling sales Shanghai dragon tutorial people. This morning I found someone brush the blog traffic. I seem to calm a little. Love is not a keyword in Shanghai to the first row. Is it necessary? Now second, don’t know you at ease, shopping malls such as the battlefield, this is true. Why is this. It is a "benefit". No good thing, no one is going to do. Shanghai dragon industry is the same. The industry competition has always been a war of no smoke. It seems not that I live you die. Is not in the market with "profit" is not a "conscience"? Maybe, or how there will be no rape is not so idiom for having heard it many times…

some time ago in the blog blog a lot of business competition, see people brush his blog traffic in a lot of business blog ranking fell to the second page 11. I feel depressed for a while, also expressed strong BS of the so-called Shanghai dragon er. I did not expect such a thing happened to me. Nantong is not Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranked first? It is necessary to do, no wonder there is a saying wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy. For I brush flow of Shanghai dragon Er, I just want to say, because you have these pseudo Shanghai dragon destroyed Shanghai dragon industry order. Here is the brush flow of what happened in it.

… brush flow?

is the brush flow experience is relatively obvious. How to find the website being brush flow? We personal webmaster, will be installed in the bottom of the website traffic monitoring code, are generally made of CNZZ, website traffic statistics such as statistics. When I see this morning found the webmaster statistics. In each traffic statistics background can be seen visiting the site path. We can visit, you can know whether the website be brush, this is good to recognize. I was brushing antecedents Pipi to flow. The typical garbage flow, so we have to.

is the embodiment of the brush flow

why is

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