advertising alliance deceptive means to let you too busy to attend to all but emerge in an endless stream, no matter what the reason, the injured is always our small station, the station is just established soon in the development stage, anxious is the most vulnerable to the temptation of deception. Some Adsense advertising alliance is very strange, the company wanted to develop a long-term, deception is undoubtedly suicidal but why cheat? In fact, the reason is very simple, some advertising itself is small, not enough money has been spending money, their own money.

on the day of settlement fee as bait, to tell you the day of settlement fee, or by the week settlement, this time some websites feel reliable, time of the day will be able to get money to avoid the Undue delay may bring trouble. Quick download ad code, advertising in the afternoon after waiting for the settlement fee, but was told you to detect unstable traffic for several days to give you the settlement, is not afraid of the shadow oblique wait for advertising alliance detection. A few days after you ask the detection results, but was told that the presence of false hits detained fee.

advertising alliance has a lot, they usually take the mask of hypocrisy near you, then release all kinds of bait to lure you fooled, the most common approach is the advertising unit. Some minor league advertising itself is three hand, this alliance would tell you the advertising price is IP20y yuan each, this time you want to make a lot of money to be fooled, can’t wait to advertise. To the settlement fee when advertising service will say: you have the traffic problem has been the title, then recognize how you cry will give you a satisfactory answer.

now all types of countless websites, these sites according to the flow, weight grades, high flow, high weight site belongs to the site, no traffic is low weight small website. The site is the lack of traffic, advertising on the pole for advertising. As long as the small station in the middle of embarrassing, only direct contact ad advertising. I and many of the advertising alliance but rarely to money, advertising alliance had all kinds of excuses to refuse to loan, cheated into advertising you homely food, of course, I could not have worked, I was just a small part of the cooperation and. Once cheated let me learn a lot of experience, I like to share the experience of being cheated, avoid you cheated.

Links as bait, some station has just set up a little a little traffic, and want to make money, also want to promote their own websites, advertising alliance is to seize the small webmaster heart, tell you to advertise on their alliance can not only the day of settlement fee, use their website and your website will then exchange Links. Many small owners see this information, do not hesitate to. Advertising and then put their link in the past, but could not see advertising links, asking after the answer is your website does not conform to their website image, can exchange links.

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