any kind of website is the most important, because it is the maximum number of search, popular words, the target keywords enterprise website is so, customers are looking for, purchase, purchase time basically is a direct search industry target word or products in the small classification, for example CNC punching machine industry, the general customers want to buy will search "CNC punch" and then look for the more than 10 companies, and direct telephone contact, let the other side look at the products, services, prices, and comparison, and then determine the cooperation intention. Or search segments in the point of the "solar NC punch", but such word search is the basic intention to buy more. Or search some targeted long tail, such as "the company good CNC punch press". The total number of search words will reach about 70%. This kind of word conversion rate is highest, the strongest to customers. If this is what the dispute, Shanghai is a good example of love promotion, because there will be the company to do a similar "long tail word CNC punch die bad how to maintenance", as we all know, search of the word basically not to buy products.

The classification of

enterprise website keywords:

The important role of

enterprise website long tail keywords and long tail keywords role difference large website:

The main flow of ?

as everyone knows a large site is from the long tail keywords huge site, if a large site is the main flow from some of the main objectives of key words, then this site is certainly not qualified. But the enterprise website traffic situation? Basically enterprise web site traffic is from the target keywords, this ratio may reach about 50-60%. So the long tail theory may not be applicable in the enterprise website.

what is the long tail theory, I believe we all know, can not explain, the role of long tail keywords, Shanghai dragon do webmaster friends all know that the long tail is the main source of traffic to the site, we usually do the optimization work work most of the time are also placed in the long tail optimization on. But so is the importance of the long tail theory and long tail keywords in the enterprise in the website? Do enterprise stand optimization should also pay attention to the long tail keywords

long tail keywords is an extension of the core keywords, and combined with the real needs of customers, customers of the idea of using the long tail keywords description. The enterprise website generally have 2 kinds of long tail keywords. A class is the target is a long tail, long tail marketing. The goal of the long tail is very easy to understand, is that when customers search this keyword to buy prevention or strong. Such as CNC punching machine industry as an example, the target of the long tail can be "the company of CNC punch products, CNC punching machine manufacturers what", "where the most preferential CNC punch, CNC punching machine with high quality and low price" and other customers to search these words when there is a buy idea. The other one is the business of the long tail, is the customer purchase intention is not strong, need guidance, or.

The target keywords

enterprise of long tail keywords

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