Since the blogFigure two: Figure 1:

the two Sina blog is almost the same as the time of registration, the content is copied and pasted, no original content. Sina blog included is very fast, the two blog home page after I hung up several Links. Is a single link, and after the discovery of the blog page has been deleted, but still included inside pages. Last night I took one of sina’s blog Links deleted, as shown in Figure 1 today found this blog page again be included. The Sina blog has been our blog and chain of choice, at least not previously appeared in such a situation, so I suspect the recent love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm in time, but it could also be Sina blog itself problem.

hung Links after the blog will not be included in

algorithm, if a URL has a lot to do with the anchor text link, then Shanghai would refuse to love included such URL, especially.

then according to the provisions of Shanghai green love algorithm, will not be mistaken for these links is purchased by the program, I think it is very difficult to determine what is the nature of the single link, and what is the purchase of a single link. If a link resource station to many websites as a single link, and the single link and there are a variety of industries, the situation is very chaotic, this algorithm can very love Shanghai Scindapsus accurate judgment of the link resource station should be punished, and many links to web resources on the links are links to buy suspects. Then the discretion, these are some of the speculation. But if a website is just to do a few URL one-way link, it will not be to Scindapsus misunderstandings? This is really not easy! Yesterday I encountered a situation, hope to discuss with you together, is not counted in Scindapsus algorithm.


points: Scindapsus trouble, too many one-way links lead to URL are not included in

from Shanghai to launch green love algorithm for Shanghai Longfeng industry can be described as a few happy tears, those who link website or link intermediaries have to be right down, even K station, Ali slightly is a typical example. Until now, Ali is still not recovered slightly included, but now love Shanghai for most cheating sites punishment is right down, especially serious to the direct K treatment station. This can not help but let me think Google’s approach, Shanghai has been in love is to follow the example of Google, Google K small station. I don’t have a lot of data, is not good to analyze the algorithm is how to judge a Scindapsus website there is no link, if a URL has a lot of individual links are not necessarily buy links, like many web site templates will leave a link in their own design template, there are many stations open source will leave their link to the official website, and the use of templates and procedures not necessarily will delete these links, so down there will be a lot of individual links to the official website.

removed Links after reincluding

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