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tools: introduce some useful tools for Shanghai dragon

website and structure of

in the "standardization" of the site as a whole Shanghai dragon in an article, I introduced four aspects: web base layer, structure layer and content layer and presentation layer.

learning classic case

Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng learning: learning basic knowledge, free Shanghai dragon training

layer of WordPress structure of Shanghai dragon


as a theme in Shanghai dragon related blog, not to Shanghai dragon as a keyword some justified. In the selection of a good template, you need to start the program division. According to the preliminary plan, I will be divided into columns:

WordPress in the Shanghai dragon, I also abide by the basic website standard step to. Of course, the base layer does not belong to the category of Shanghai dragon WordPress, which we skip part, starting from the structural level:

…… Such as: with the increase in content, but also other areas

in structure, I use the same way to the same structure of Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. The column as a page to deal with, rather than as a directory to. Its role is to enhance the weight transfer to the column. This content is complicated, I will specifically explain an article after.

WordPress is known as a station program. It is powerful, rich, full, template plug-in installation is simple and highly customizable features make us in the establishment of a personal blog, even corporate website or other types of websites will choose WordPress. I have some knowledge and experience of WordPress Shanghai Longfeng, following on to talk about the past 7 days, what I have done to it. WordPress template Shanghai dragon similar, hope this article can give a friend in need to develop some ideas.

according to the principle of "Chinese word Shanghai Longfeng learning can be divided into" Shanghai dragon "and" learning". Apply the TF-IDF framework of Shanghai Longfeng derivative applications can be drawn to "learn" the term weights to be below the "Shanghai dragon". Because they are used as navigation in every page, so do the optimization of the word station Shanghai dragon ", naturally led" Shanghai dragon learning "," Shanghai dragon tools ".

Shanghai dragon people: introduce some famous Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, Shanghai dragon

WordPress Shanghai dragon is more important in the structural level where there are: website and structure division, URL standardization, optimization of template header, and some application of micro data.

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