brings me this idea is so seriously, as we all know, now editor of the website is online to find information, arrange combination, then complete an article posted at the website. We are doing this. You have not thought about such a problem. When I want to edit an article, just online article does not exist. So, you have not thought about, to establish an article posted online? Then to publish this article to know love Shanghai do drainage for their website

I am a website called Shanghai Longfeng staff daily work also is the chain, do Links, engage in some chain, editing some articles. I think as long as a Shanghai Longfeng staff every day doing the same thing. We are doing such a thing, just do some good, some do not. This difference in where? I think in detail. Why? I to share with you.


yesterday, I’m writing an article on how to determine a trademark classification of this article, I love Shanghai through web search, Shanghai, did not know love to search related articles. Is the way people often do, skip this one, or write this post and submitted to the website even. And I would put this article, uploaded to the Shanghai know love. Know and love Shanghai included are particularly good, especially easy to pass. Because it is not the existence of such articles. We especially want to attract end know about love Shanghai material library.

some time ago, I reinstall the computer system. Into the win8 operating system, in the operation of the process, I have a problem to solve, to search for love in Shanghai. Find no suitable solution. This time I should put this thing. To the record. After finishing a phase should be uploaded to the network above article. Absolutely can play the effect of drainage. Every day we will encounter a lot of problems. Also there will be a lot of problems, the solution should not online. This time we should be recorded, and finishing the corresponding answers. And use these articles to our site drainage. These details are often special key things.


editors, have you done this record?

for any one thing, are not perfect, we need to continue to improve it. Website optimization is the same reason. We need to carefully found ability of editors. Also need to edit and chain.

link consultants, you try to edit the ditch, the chain should do what aspects of the

now some chain staff, do not know what a good release. So we formed a habit of copy and paste. Now the editors can find some problems, but because of his be negligent lost opportunity. If the editors can find records, and the chain staff joined together. So the operation is easier.


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