second: bad chain not cleared up, cause website ranking down

The anchor text of this article

is not their own technology rookie, but in the face of this website is very helpless. Finally, after the author’s own research and consulting to Shanghai dragon master, finally summed up some reasons, here to share with you.

visible up to six, which is one of the important reasons for the website has been ranked up.

use the anchor text in the past is a very effective promotion keywords ranking technology, but with the love of Shanghai algorithm adjustment, weight of the anchor text has been greatly reduced, or even abuse the anchor text will cause the site right down. The author after the check of all the sites, found that the site there is abuse of the anchor text, like this article as:

& & optimization strategy: the abuse of the anchor text means to make web site overall problems, the author took over, the website included not only reduced by. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, the author has found the corresponding countermeasures: first, the first step to add anchor text removed before, and some point to the link; second, in the days after the post editing, try to use a three anchor text anchor text, and not only to the home page, will point to the content page or product page, make the anchor text more diverse.

website and Shanghai Longfeng auction bidding is not the same, only need to give money to love Shanghai instantly get home page ranking, but the Shanghai dragon is not the case, Shanghai dragon is about patience and execution, even if your technology more cattle, also must go through a period of time in order to get the love of Shanghai recognized, get good rankings. But now I have a station is very wonderful, not high keywords to optimize itself difficult, but the sense of optimization for four months, still do not have a good ranking:

One of the I think

& & optimization strategy: for all the friends of the chain of a large inventory of the use of webmaster tools, once found a chain of low correlation, snapshot isolation for more than a week, the weight is 0 the case immediately removed the chain, must be decisive. And exchange links in Japan, we must pay attention to the quality of a chain, and.

exchange Links is Shanghai Longfeng daily work, before taking over the site in the station, the station is also to exchange some Links, and these Links is one of the most important cause of the current to the ranking. The author is careless, usually do not develop the habit of checking chain, after the search, found that many in the past exchange chain are a variety of problems, right down, snapshot stay etc.. Have such a group of bad neighbors, no wonder Shanghai is not willing to love the favored site.

: the first station for the abuse of the anchor text, leading to problems included

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