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news website as an example, on the political news, global information, sports and celebrity news articles all the time change, the search engine results page (Search Engine Results Page, hereinafter referred to as SERP) the update frequency is faster than ever before. For example, about last night sports search, "the Arizona Cardinals beat the Philadelphia hawks", the search results page is shown below:


algorithm will affect what kind of company


noble its search algorithm is updated every year more than 500 times in 2011, the most significant is the baby Panda Update update (currently using the 2.5 version), its content, interactive and strict requirement of page download speed to make the most of the hotel website become obsolete. This website is interactive and unique content, in order to attract users and enhance the site’s "viscosity".

why these updates for the hotel industry is very important? Because 50%-70% hotel website visitors and website booking from aristocratic baby.

This update is a modified version of the Baby The

electronic sale manager of the hotel are already on the endless Panda update is frustrated, but noble baby further launched the update by far the most influential algorithm, make them more be taken by surprise. Last week the noble baby announced the launch of a new algorithm "Freshness", some of the more relevant, more real-time content will be displayed in the search keywords some great flow of results, which is said to be 35% of total search results,


Caffeine update (Caffeine is to update the nobility baby launched in 2010, its only purpose algorithm) is the latest content to the total search query results reached 50%. So when you want to search for last night’s sports scores or who won the election, you will see the article or comment on the latest. The problem is, just a year a sharp rise in search volume, while the number of online media also continues to grow. Every story and every thing can be talked about repeatedly, reports and analysis, because this platform can provide these, coupled with the media and Internet support, so the new update algorithm was born, it has set off a boom in North america.

thus, no specific date of the search results feedback was released within 24 hours of news, or an hour before release. It’s not surprising news sources, but it is organic order. Of course, the preservation period of event sports scores is very short.

an online business. We will be very difficult to separate the latest local information, new blog sites and content sites, including the latest local information including local activities, events and promotional activities of the hotel website.

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