link is mainly divided into: internal links and external links. Internal links are divided into: ZhengZhan framework links, internal anchor text links; external links are divided into: Links, external text links, external anchor text links. Today we mainly explain under external links.

optimization knows, Shanghai dragon circles there is such a few words "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence has been flourishing spread, is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon Er, but the search engine optimization vacated born in a few years, how many people really do both. Close combination of content and links, this section mainly said the link. Analysis of super chain technology is love Shanghai search engine CEO Mr. Robin Li founded the Shanghai special love. Through the link analysis to determine your site receives welcome degree of users and other websites, this process is quite complex, the webmaster don’t completely understand search engine link analysis technology, if you can figure out, that is not to hit Mr. Li’s job.

Long before

looks rough principle has come out, is very simple, so do it. Here, you are wrong, not blindly pursue the anchor text or is the pursuit of pure text links, speaking and thinking method. The core of Shanghai dragon where? If I were to answer, neither content, nor more links, not the God of the so-called black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, but in Shanghai Longfeng thinking. If you start the Shanghai dragon thinking is wrong, if you build a house foundation did not play well, direct brick base, so it looks good but a little barrier, a push or a smaller earthquake, your house collapsed, the house collapsed will cause what kind of consequences, everything you do before all the negative. So we must pay attention to good way when external link structure, step by step, thousands, or even tens of thousands of links do not think the sudden increase. No value is spam links, will only increase your website to death rate. < >

we are always doing the optimization process to find ways to know which links are most useful, many webmaster friends as "external anchor text link. Because of the "external anchor text link by keyword and super links pointing to your website, so as to improve the change in your site keywords ranking. There are some owners, including "Links" "copyright" link "hidden links" are the most by hyperlinks and pure text links. Text link means a web site, do not click behavior, static text, it is to improve the connection weight of your entire station.

last Saturday in A5 with the share of 2013 "search engine optimization new change" on the website, mainly focused on the recent search engine adjustment, let the webmaster can pinpoint their location, their products for users in terms of knowledge, today to share with you the next "2013 new search engine optimization the degenerate" link text.



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