1, using the original heavy template


the page template in original content is low, grasp the theme is also very poor, no one knows what is their main threshold, from Penguin point of view, this is clearly a violation of all human rights standards, of course, is not only reflected in the content of the page repeat, Penguin regulations, site between pages more than 95% of the value of the code, then the site is marked to repeat the site, is likely to be such as household garbage station ranks, so in the website design process, content and code do not appear in the high repetition rate.

"lead Shanghai dragon.Cn" column, although the same is Shanghai dragon diagnosis, but the combination of different site diagnosis case in detail, this effect will be better.



with Google algorithm updates, not necessary to consider what.


Obviously .

website alliance, usually refers to the network through the network marketing alliance, alliance advertising on its Web site, making the site traffic into revenue. But Google seems it is devalued, so if the machine can make some day in the future ", and created the content and create the human does not have what difference, so we can avoid it.

3, reduce the overlap and redundancy of article

The Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis of empty content siteIn figure

2, reduce the frequency of

, when a page in the content is relatively small, we can use it here as a label show box, and can not only enrich the page links to other pages.

4, union links, automatic content generation


when the user visits the site, they urgently need to know is "where is the beef?" it wants to quickly find what you want, and the information content is available to it. As shown in figure

is shown in figure

of your website should solve a specific theme, rather than for a keyword phrase change is slightly different, as shown in figure


Each page


penguins algorithm update anomalies no small storm in Shanghai dragon industry, whether or not affected by the update algorithm, in the industry have been searching for a way to defeat the penguins, Penguin hit mainly the object from all those spam sites, page design, content, quality and other aspects to the website link a full range of cleaning, believe that even Penguin again how it is still just a raging like a storm, the algorithm of data.

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