fourth: looking for high quality friend chain. An important source of the chain chain site is also obtained, looking for friends of the chain in the process also has a lot of attention to the relevance of the website operation, website of the other side, the weight of the website, the website of the other side chain and so on, these are to be in the exchange process should pay attention to. In another exchange chain operation is to increase the weight of words, in the swap chain.

third: a steady increase in the chain. The chain for the emperor’s argument, the webmaster all know, a new on-line or in later bought a domain name, began to increase the chain to improve the website, domain name weight, this approach is right, but it will remind you, do not increase the accumulation of site outside the chain, especially new sites, the chain increased too fast, it will be the search engine that is cheating, which was K station is not good. The sharp increase in the chain on the site to bring harm, we can refer to see. The chain is to do more, but to increase steadily, step by step to find the weight of high, the stability of the chain, so the website operation to a long stick.

forum every day there are different webmasters, kept irrigation post busy every day, or to those a few outside the chain, the chain construction has become the need to pay attention to the website optimization process, to the webmaster of the chain platform is a lot, but the chain effect of different platform are not the same, when the search engine in the update, the chain will have a fall, it also remind the webmaster in the construction of the chain, the need to pay attention to the high source of the chain, the chain specific release need to pay attention to what matters in the process of


second: select content platform. The development of the Internet, the web site on the Internet platform for everything, different types of web platform launched. As long as it is a new platform, the webmaster can consider doing outside the chain, but not to say that all platforms are suitable for us to do, the webmaster should find and their site content is similar to the platform to stay outside the chain, this is not only a chain, but also can bring traffic to the site. The content can also increase website weight, some high weight website you or the chain, included is a high weight correlation between the stability of the chain, but also can improve the user experience of the website.

: the first choice of platform weight. Now to the release of the chain platform is really a lot of, for the webmaster, take the time to the platform, is the chain of it can have no effect, no effect of the weight of the platform, the webmaster can be ignored. These high weight platform platform is also a lot of the forum class can choose behind, Adsense encyclopedia; quiz can choose love and ask Shanghai know Tencent; the site class can choose A5 and Chinaz; different areas, platform have some weight is high, the weight of the high platform in the left outside the chain, the chain weight webmaster has relatively high, so as not to update the search engine, will suddenly dropped a lot of marketing, website operation.

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