after 10 days of operation, you guess, our website can love Shanghai snapshot update

as everyone knows, improve love Shanghai snapshot update time, its essence is to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai come to our website, and make it relevant content to crawl the site, said here is to attract, I would be more appropriate to seduce spiders, what makes you let the spider to your site, you are not two rich generation no Jeremy Lin, no need to hold your right thigh, love Shanghai spider is a network of media, you want it to pay attention to your interview you reported to you, then you have to have material, had something, let the spider fall for you, as you increase your evaluation. There is a word called: X is a dog, who walk with who love lick, Shanghai is like this, down I will talk about how I love Shanghai seduce spider.

Hello, glad to Admin5, now I share. I have to site experience. Let me introduce my: I am a Shanghai Phoenix Contact Shanghai Longfeng novice, this industry has been more than a month, is a chain of labor, this more than a month, often go to the YY channel Ceng class, learning the dry cargo you prawns.


no, let you down, ha ha. The website can not achieve the next update, but update time is greatly improved, the previous is updated every half a month, now, the website is the day the update is updated every day, keywords, sometimes will also update the next day, it has been very satisfied, after all I’m down new to it. I will give you talk about my opinions for love Shanghai snapshot:

: update. How to update a day 10 articles, this article 10 does not require the original, at least to have original, dude, you can’t stand, but also to copy others, spiders are licked to lick your people, will come back to you. Now there are a lot of pseudo original tools, I was very much against, an article in a pseudo original, just to the jubilant site of Shanghai, although the love of spiders, illiterate, do not know the Chinese grammar, but what is your final destination site? Is to attract traffic, attract potential you are a consumer, out of order pseudo original put people off, you guess second people will come to your site visit again? Huh, you >

originally, my job is to send the chain, to send advertising, until 2 weeks ago, my boss said: Post ah, we win the love of Shanghai mall snapshot time no difference, fast for 15 days, to think of a way to fix it. I was stupid, this is not a professional brother ah, do not know love Shanghai ah, no way, he is the boss, bite the bullet and said "good", as promised, you have to do, right, men can not say no, second days, I have a lot of information, learn from the experience of predecessors, almost all of the Shanghai dragon -YY channel I have left traces of shameless rub lesson, no way, who told me it is rookie into the body, (the elder brothers don’t spray).

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