appears in the URL page, keywords appear to a certain extent, the ranking in URL inuri: can more accurately find competitors.



five allintitle:

: Shanghai dragon the word

search page contains keywords in the page title. Use intitle to find is more accurate if the competition page keywords appear only in the visible article, but did not appear in the title, most of the time and not for the keywords optimization.



two –

from the top two chart to see Shanghai dragon today’s topic in the title did not appear in the Shanghai dragon free teaching, so in the intitle will not find it.

: Shanghai dragon free teaching

users to search for common words in the search engine, you can also use some special instructions for the Shanghai dragon staff, which can make the analysis of competitors and to find more resources you better.

Two pictures above

three inurl:

four intitle:

search is the title of the page contains keywords group file >

: Shanghai dragon teaching the word

to search words in double quotes (""), which makes the search out of the page contains all the words inside double quotes, and even the same order.

use minus (-) zhishou cable does not include the minus sign behind the words ", when in use, if the front minus space, followed by the exclusion of words.

two pictures above that with and without the minus minus the difference. Minus use allows you to more accurately find the required files.

: free Shanghai dragon teaching




double quotes using

can be explained with the difference between double quotes and no double quotes. Use double quotes allows you to more accurately find the specific keywords, give you a better analysis of competitors.

The search for

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