we all know that a site is updated every day is necessary, because it can attract the spider to your site, except a few sites (such as the sale of machinery station). This makes me think of four words, unremittingly. If a person can have the spirit of perseverance, insist on a period of time in one thing, then this person will be there. Just now, a common problem for it, now most of the obesity problem, so many people want to lose weight, so these people started running, skipping, fitness, but after a week is not had the passion and energy. If these people can persist, they will be able to.

2. –

1. – character


we all know when optimizing a website to select keywords for the website, this is done in order to tell the user to tell the search engines your website is mainly to do what, or what to sell products, even if it is the long tail keywords around key words to expand. I personally feel that the keyword of the website is like a person’s character or personality, users see your site keywords can know your site’s theme, just like the others after contact with you from your personality you know what kind of a man. Some people are young also has its own personality, such as publicity, lively, introverted, but once grew up especially after work, due to various reasons, such as level of system, working environment, contact the person or found things, so that their original character gradually lost, and finally became an there is no "theme" of the people. I think a person or to have their own personality, because the character is innate, as long as your character is accepted, it shall be maintained.

chain of interpersonal relationshipThere is a certain relationship between

a website ranking and how much is the chain, more links to your site, especially more links from peers, your site in the search engine ranking is better. I personally feel that the chain in Shanghai dragon is like our relationships in real life, a person living in the world without a friend, but some people have many friends, some people have few friends. It’s like some sites outside the chain, some kind of a small site outside the chain. A person who has many friends in this society, have fewer friends say awfully, a little scary, a little can’t do anything. So from this point I feel certain to make more friends, of course, I am here to say that a friend is not a mercenary friend or the sense of evil associates, and your like-minded friends.

3. –

contact Shanghai dragon also has six months of time, from the original white now able to optimize a stand alone, in this process, I feel I have learned a lot, also feel a lot, I will take this time to write out and share a feeling today.

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