4, foreign trade Shanghai dragon er


is the peak of graduates looking for jobs annually in December and July, 6, December is looking for internship, and in July 6, it is after graduation to find out the formal work, this kind of interview, professional knowledge about the Shanghai dragon know not much more in the interview before in the online browsing, then second days in the interview now sell, as can be seen from the explanation really began very early to learn Shanghai dragon.

1, inexperienced graduates

done several years of sales, technical services and so on related work, this kind of interview is generally for Internet interest, want to switch from the start of Shanghai Longfeng (electricity providers do have a certain foundation of Shanghai dragon, a considerable part of the electricity supplier experts from the beginning of the Shanghai Dragon), for the salary requirement is not too low, just think, no experience and no knowledge of Shanghai dragon, the single interest can get paid (the same below)

and I do not know the requirements are too high or what, have relevant work experience, in the interview conversation I always doubt its authenticity, ranging from six months to more than two or three years, but the Shanghai Longfeng level work has been stuck in the chain, is more affected by the mission of a performer with a few, make their own decisions, and allow others to perform, the interviewer asked to do is paid, want to say here, have working experience in medicine paid longer is not too much, but the premise is must grasp the mature skills.

2, length of service, but no relevant experience in Shanghai dragon.

3, Shanghai Longfeng experience, poor performance in the interview.

Shanghai Longfeng enterprises has been increasingly concerned with the Shanghai dragon industry stronger bigger, how to interview Shanghai dragon has become a concern for many people. Due to the work, I have forgotten how many people interviewed, haven’t met some make me feel not, today to talk about the interview Shanghai dragon first off the work should pay attention to what those people I interviewed to sum up:

so, different types of personnel in the face.

For example,

interview a lot before is engaged in foreign trade, foreign trade of Shanghai dragon is mainly for the noble baby, do is sell shoes ball clothing category, general everyone has at least two sites, and in charge of the request, to search for some resources with noble baby cloth some chain. In fact, the optimization of foreign trade and domestic optimization (for love Shanghai) are very different, the interviewer will have an idea, is better than the algorithm noble baby love Shanghai, love Shanghai optimization should be much simpler than the noble baby, although there is no love Shanghai related optimization experience, and even asked some knowledge of love Shanghai optimization, the interviewer will say plainly do not understand, do not understand, do not know.

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