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second: rely on " copy " hit the world’s Web site.

beautiful behind seems to have always regretted, calm sea depths may be undercurrent. The Internet is in rapid development speed of geometric level, China network 2005 would be a leap year, is also the rapid growth of the number of sites of the year, when everything is beautiful and comfortable, countless young Jiyang indulge in network bubble like beautiful dream, I was from the south, and scholar hear extremely harsh discordant voices, so today I will tear these bleeding wounds, let everyone to learn a lesson.

fourth: " follow " website.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

some websites, from the beginning of the staring at a site behind, people do what he would do what columns, columns, people add what content, he added what content every day, don’t know what to think, just blindly copy, and feel super good, as if they were really into the industry boss! Not ashamed for what, I use my toes to think, want to faint, also don’t understand those out of ass from other sites, can let them enjoy it Zizi flavored. Really, if such a website does not change the practice, then one day, as time goes by, people will slowly forget it!

this website has one of the most striking feature is when you go into this site is a kind of website news, a closer look, I rely on, 2004, immediately than " ONLYYOU" more able to pour a piece. Never update the site, how angry, dead, I assure you, visit a website, must be determined to forget your website, then come in not, no one to visit the website of

eight will die first sites, originally from not dwell on, as long as your site involves the ranks, I believe the website from the death of the day really is not far away, ha ha. Now the Internet has become more and more standardized, in this I advise not to temporarily benefit, and self destruction of its station, " thick road man, really do the station. "

: the first against the world’s website yellow, poison, anti party and Anti China

! is still not die?

hao123 as a personal website, with tens of millions to sell sh419, China Internet started boiling, many people began to regret to jump, why I couldn’t see it, why earn tens of millions of people not me? In " it is not too late to turn & quot; under the guidance of the Internet like overnight appeared many 123. Ha ha, is so dramatic, people do 123 can earn money, but you do now, I can only say that the site will die, I suggest >

third: " antique " level website.

  dear Union member:

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