Shanghai website attracting network content update may not think everyone is the same, need timely to update the site every day, different, we update the means and time is also different, such as the new station to update it is best to do regular quantitative, and high quality of the original that is best. I think the most difficult new station, with the weight of it more easily; however, since the thermal weight high website update easier, others only need to false original articles, even reprinted can easily be included, and can bring traffic. Here’s what the update frequency of different website:

news site needs to provide users with the latest data from the Shanghai news source, love can be seen, those who enter the news source site is some high weight website; this type of site need to seize the popular time to update, if people don’t reprint articles, search engine gave weights is not high, this.


website content updates on your website’s weight ascension to take an important role in the regularly published articles, is conducive to search engine included, influence the website included requirements in addition to the website structure factors, the quality and frequency of updates also accounted for a large part, many webmaster is a rich the time every day to update your own website, in order to cater to the search engine rules "".

enterprise website content update frequency less

large website updates per day is very large, it is too very much, so the need for this type of site, need a higher frequency of updates, such as the A5 Adsense nets daily updated data are massive, included is great. Large website update frequency is high, let love Shanghai spiders crawl more frequently, and improve the weights of the website ranking keywords to take to promote.

third, news sites need to provide the latest data

second, a large site requires huge amounts of content to support

and large sites are mainly rely on the long tail keywords ranking, a lot of long tail keywords can make the website traffic Everfount, and the long tail keywords are generally caused by the content of the page, so the number of updated articles directly influence the website of the amount collected and the long tail keywords ranking (in addition to the quality of the chain).

enterprise station and few people can do every day to update the article, because of the limitation and the website industry size, it is relatively difficult to update, many industry write to write to is some news, and this type of enterprise website, the need to optimize the key words is not much, only the user specified keywords are few, and is relatively unpopular, because this kind of small businesses to compete with large portal station, there is no advantage, so that enterprises can not stand updated regularly to do, only need to maintain the website ranking, occasionally update articles, send the chain is enough.

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