then learning optimization promotion of such main is to understand what is brand keywords? What is the word, long tail keywords?

brand word: the so-called brand word, saidpopular, is your company name, which is called brand word, of course, the brand also has a long tail, not so much. For example: your company called Xi’an XX network technology limited company, then the brand word, XX network or XX network technology, Xi’an XX network.

but here said, are some simple, a person easily through some methods, long tail keywords and brand keywords can do.

on the brand word optimization promotion: general website, basically built on the site for a week or so, basically can love in Shanghai home. If there is no website, can consider some high weight B2B platform or classified information platform, registration information posted on the company’s brand name, will soon be able to get good rankings, the rankings and included depends on the website weight selection, if the weight of good platform can do almost the second second row home page.

on the long tail word optimization promotion: we know that 90% of the traffic to the website mainly comes from the long tail keywords, website conversion rate higher, except the core words belong to the long tail keywords, long tail word competition is too small to optimize. Long tail keywords can start from the B2B classification information platform, mining method of long tail keywords: love love Shanghai 360 Shanghai 360 drop II related search keywords and the traffic statistical analysis tools, webmaster tools split combination method (area or question word + core keywords + quantifier or question word = long tail keywords) etc..

optimization promotion is mainly in order to improve the website exposure rate and ranking in order to enable customers to quickly find themselves, so in the end is not only the optimization optimization promotion promotion company can do, you can not start? The answer is negative, optimization and promotion is not very mysterious and profound knowledge, as long as the heart basically everyone can do. Some say these estimates specialized in this industry company or individual department to happy.

: the long tail word long tail word mentioned here, mainly refers to the core of your keywords, derived from the word, generally speaking the long tail keywords of words will be relatively long, often is 2-3 words, even the phrase exists in the content of the page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. For example: the main business of the company is Xi’an Shanghai dragon, Xi’an site optimization so long tail keywords is Xi’an Shanghai, Xi’an Shanghai dragon dragon training company, Xi’an website optimization, Xi’an website optimization promotion company etc..

key to how to determine the difficulty of general keywords, long tail word brand word difficulty are relatively low, the query of the relevant search results is less than 50>

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