details: write original articles to find the unique perspective of

for those who love for friends, their articles are high quality, but the style is not uniform, so even if the article is a collection of success is also a great waste. Why do I say it, because an article from the written, to delivery, and finally to be adopted and included is a very hard thing, since the front so much work done, why can’t we maximize the utility of this article? On the Internet, we delivered the speech, the is equivalent to our personal image, personal brand. From this perspective, we should form their own unique style to write original articles, also must let others know that you wrote the article, insist for a long time, slowly you will build their own brand.

I know this reason that we write essays on the best to find a unique perspective, try to write some brief dabble theme, so the success rate will be greatly improved.

many webmaster reaction is obviously personally written, but the search engine is not included, do not know what the reason is. In fact, the reason is very simple, we want to write is to let the search engine that is the original article, does not mean that as long as we personally written will be original. You write the content such as just before someone wrote, and he wrote the content written by you and have a high degree of similarity of the words may be reproduced, resulting in articles not included.

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This article from Guangzhou Shanghai

many people write articles have been written quality is very good, but in order to achieve the effect of optimization keywords in the use of too many, this is not a good practice. First of all, you must remember that you wrote the article in addition to the search engines look outside, but also to give the readers. If in order to achieve the optimization effect to embed key words in the article is not natural, the readability of the article that is bound to decline significantly, but for a long time to side effects; secondly, if your posts so embedded in a large number of key words may be considered excessive search engine optimization, then The loss outweighs the gain..

details of the three: write not in order to optimize and utilitarian

website optimization, whether it is the article in their own website or other websites to contribute or we need to write a search engine, readers high quality articles. The details of this paper from a professional point of view about Shanghai Longfeng workers need to pay attention to write original articles.

details of the two: write articles to form their own unique style of

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