Through the understanding of badcase ?

, then www., Shanghai dragon will definitely return everyone’s vision in the near future, but Shanghai Longfeng with WWW regression, regression does not represent all sites with WWW, but in the near future, Shanghai will further enhance the love algorithm reduced the probability of badcase, then one day, I see the >

1: do not conform to the search user experience love Shanghai search results;

The characteristics of


bad case is a technical term in Shanghai dragon.

6-28 started from last year, will appear this kind of situation, then we are also different views, some say "WWW is love Shanghai to drop right"; some say "WWW is K, not WWW is ranking"; some say "website of choice domain", according to the love inside Shanghai news, actually this belongs to bad case, then bad, what is the meaning of case in the Shanghai dragon in

2: Web site in the search results of the performance is not normal.

recently, www. Robin Shanghai Longfeng not only because in a short period of 18 days of the optimization keywords "Shanghai dragon training" love Shanghai into the first page of search results, but because Shanghai dragon suffering all kinds of baptism of love Shanghai algorithm. Love is the target keywords change radically, sea K off the back, back off K, and Robin all kinds of marketing strategy, so www. has been Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon circles become a favourite tale. This does not, Shanghai dragon currently and because WWW is completely free of rank, but not www ranking back, as shown below:

bad case which is a required course and all Google search engine, is obviously not the right sort of search results were analyzed, see is the result of what sort of strategy, and revise the parameter matching.

bad case are:

search algorithm in addition to the procedure mechanism of strong, there is a set of empirical parameters to assist the operation, the parameter setting is completely live and experience, in addition to the final result data speak, no clear definition of previous methods, such as chain weights, weights of title, text bold weights, click rate how much weight, these need to constantly adjust in the operation, to ensure the credibility of the results.

A set of

bad case is the translation of the bad case, after a bad case records a large number of search engines will collect a lot of data, if the next encounter unreasonable search results, will be the characteristics of these cases were verified, if there are similar for adjustments, which requires a very powerful search algorithm.

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