server or virtual host will directly affect the operation stability of search engines on the website of the. When the search engines crawl the web content server, there is no normal operation, whether the web log return is 200 status code? If the return code is 200, even if the site is not included that is only a temporary phenomenon, or K pages do not worry, flat mentality, such as search engine update "will be released, weight will return. OK, the site was K, to see the recent Web log, check whether the server or virtual host stability.

The is not set correctly?

1, the server or virtual host

robots.txt file is the first to document the spider crawling website crawling, most search engines are to comply with the robots agreement, if robots is set properly, will directly affect the search engine grab included work, serious error in robots.txt documents can be K. Love of Shanghai robots.txt said: "please note that only if your site contains not to be included in the search engine content, only need to use the robots.txt file. If you want all the content included in the search engine website, do not create robots.txt files." So if you do not understand the robots.txt settings simply do not set. OK, the site was K, check the robots.txt file settings are correct, or simply delete robots.txt or set an empty file.


search engine is generally not to deal with the site suffered a hacker attack, can not be opened or placed Trojan and virus, but this situation will affect the user experience, if by the search engine user complaints, the website will have a search engine website manual adjustment.

4, the website to jump is set correctly?


2, robots.txt

How the stability of

site is not being black horse or


site is K is most webmaster have experienced things, light is the site is down right, ranking drop; bad point is the home page is K; the worst is probably the number of "feathers". Many webmaster friends find their website by K began to complain, complain too much, in fact, will not be K, the website must have a reason, why not go by the reason of K. As long as we found is the cause of the K, and then modify the error settings, general web sites can be restored to the weight. Allen Ji’nan training together with you by the ten reason analysis website K.

as of now, only 301 to is considered to be the safest and most reliable way to weight, it can effectively transfer the old ". Others such as Javascript or jump 302 steering are likely to affect the website trust, and then punished treatment.

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