4, it is best not to have a lot of Links exchange site. I believe you all understand the weight assignment problem, too much Links will go a lot of weight, and then you in this site exchange water is not very big, unless some very high weight website can be considered.

1, website snapshot. This is the most obvious characteristics of a high weight website, if a website PR is high but the snapshot frequency is very slow, so that this site has no problem, Google high weight in love Shanghai, so we can not blindly pursue the PR value, and ignored the important index of snapshot. General snapshot to control is the high quality links in 48 hours.

In addition to these ?

first and talk about the mystery of the two level domain exchange, I understand the two level domain and the domain name is actually the same, now very popular is that some stations.

3, when the best exchange links have to see each other website and their related keywords. It is also very important, we have been talking to and related industry site exchange, such as Shijiazhuang and Ji’nan construction site construction site exchange links, so the most direct benefit is my Shijiazhuang website construction can be obtained from the other weight site, so as to improve their rankings, another benefit is added enter the Ji’nan Website Customers saw Shijiazhuang website construction by Links, and came in, then the click will give Shijiazhuang website construction website brings a willingness of customers, so the correlation is everyone should pay attention to the exchange links.

The frequency of updates Collected 2 of the website,

is the site of Shanghai Longfeng, regardless of network marketing or personal webmaster, everyone knew very well the "content is king, the chain for emperor". On the site optimization is crucial a chain is our Links, so everyone in exchange Links more or less there will be some confusion, how to exchange the exchange? What kind of link is high quality, all this is troubling us webmaster problem.

first, high quality links are generally presented in the following aspects:

. Exchange Links, other website can not be too small, only less included said the site update frequency is low, or low weight. A web site included many also do not say how high the weight, you have to pay attention to the quality of the included, if the site is included in the collection of information, so the user experience is low, and now love Shanghai very important is the user experience, so the site is not very good.

I according to their experience and lessons, do friends chain experience and share experience, hope that all of you, do not write good place also please more advice, we share and promote common progress.

so we will encounter a lot of problems in exchange links, such as the two level domain exchange links, cross links, in the face of these problems we should be how to deal with

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