on the black hat Shanghai dragon concept, Maddie in Shanghai Longfeng learning network has been explained, can read the black hat is what the Shanghai dragon. As Maddie said in the description, in SEO world there is no absolute good and evil, don’t talk about a black hat is equivalent to cheating, equivalent to the K station, black hat Shanghai dragon Nothing is right.? Surely not, that person is generally rookie or is there another master. Whether it is for their own economic interests or the Shanghai dragon industry contribution, the black hat Shanghai dragon plays its own contribution. Black hat search engine by technical means is prohibited or unfriendly in search engine optimization ranking, influence of justice website ranking is also a test of search engine to the bottom line, and then a ranking algorithm to exaggerate its role to see. Here Maddie could speak a little mysterious, for example – chain.

In addition to Maddie

black hat Shanghai dragon white hat as long as long, fishing do content, investigation, analysis of traffic, communication with users, improve the user experience. Black hat to do operation is too simple. Buy a domain name (and sometimes directly buy dozens or hundreds of domain name, character of the fight directly with the virtual host), free end, capital operation is independent of the server, a server placed hundreds of stations, the machine cost price. Then the operator will open a black hat program, automatically update, the chain continued to operate, through the black hat method, artificial greatly save.

black hat Shanghai dragon users regardless of the technical level, they have their own reasons for the use of black hat technology. Black hat Shanghai dragon will use automatic procedures, they set up tens of thousands page website is very easy, they update the content is as easy as blowing off dust, they will even make a similar to the search engine spider like program on the Internet to grab the content they want, then automatically update. Black hat Shanghai dragon operation "is easy to search for one thousand years of punishment, but even after a period of time of their website to be punished, the process operator has made a lot of money (with black hat are generally grey industry profiteering industry). The black hat Shanghai dragon, in the process of their capital so repeatedly received a high rate of return. In the white hat Shanghai dragon is also very difficult to succeed, even to the age of K (here to explain: Wheat Shanghai dragon 2012 grandmother since June, after the anti low quality site strategy normal station Shanghai dragon is also difficult, love Shanghai and ranking every week to change, Shanghai dragon industry looks very difficult).

stood in the white hat Shanghai dragon’s standpoint, this put off the long term strategy of big fish, even if it is correct, some people are unwilling to do so. To build a website, sometimes is a very boring thing. You need to write, to do the investigation, to do traffic analysis, to analyze user browsing paths, and user communication.

of Shanghai dragon.

may be in-depth analysis of the existence of black hat Shanghai Dragon

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