was found in the forums when interacting with friends, many of my friends are focused on the specific operation of the Shanghai dragon skills and things, and do not pay attention to internal web site, but also affect the effect of the content of Shanghai dragon one of the important factors. When it comes to content, many webmaster or independent bloggers will answer: our website or our blog every day to keep them updated, here I want to tell you is also good and bad, not what content can be, as you all this kind of article is a reprint of others, there is no. One is the original article for this effect is not very good, it is through our own knowledge, knowledge of experience, this article is the high quality articles, so the search engine is love, if it is the relevant content that is best, if you write the article with you as you blog content, website ranking will be very good, as we can see, Guangzhou ranked among Shanghai Dragon: Xiao Jun blog:

as a team member, I will often go to BBS promotion and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng section, because in each of these sections in the forum can make me learn more knowledge and new things, because they have inside questions, I will give them some advice what. To help others at the same time also will be harvested, in every forum of the highest concern or Shanghai Longfeng problems, because many of the newcomers are friends from Shanghai Longfeng learning, I am no exception. A common question is: I love Shanghai website why not included, why not updated snapshot, why my blog so long or drop right, why my site keywords do not rise but fell. Anyway, all kinds of problems are, these new friends will only learn a bubble in some forums, generally play a good point is like a global light Shanghai dragon English forum, Shanghai Longfeng forum, there are several Shanghai Longfeng forum, the forum is not free account, ha ha, come really difficult.


as a grassroots webmaster, you have to understand, who is our website or search engine users face?? the problem you want to, I believe many people will understand that we need to know that the search engine is facing the user, rather than the grassroots, so we have to make users satisfied with our site, so a search engine can.

we can see? Xiao Jun Guangzhou Shanghai dragon blog ranked in the first, and I am concerned about most part of his blog content sharing is all about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge or Shanghai Longfeng experience, Shanghai dragon combat knowledge, do not say how he Shanghai dragon chain blog, see what he wrote the article, we can draw a conclusion, more related to the content of the website ranking will be getting better and better, do not believe you can try. Of course, another point is that his popular blog is the user back and forth very much, the more loose. So as I write this sentence to the.

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