2: the chain release: when we find a good platform resources with good analysis of weight, and then release the chain, at the same time, this problem is the chain relevant, when we send the chain should identify the sections, and to find a good match with the plate to publish content, why so? For example, issued a medical platform, you send a delicacy article, so it can be said to be irrelevant, the moderator will see unsightly, so find a plate on the outside is to find the corresponding to the published content information is critical. (in order to prevent it from being deleted, Shanghai dragon chain this live, the chain is the best, and the survival rate is higher and better. ) when the hair of the chain also need to pay attention to the point that, when we send the chain when the habit of love in the irrigation area, yes, this is indeed the rate is relatively high, but we have to think of this, irrigation and irrigation, as the name suggests is the hard water, of course also pool there will be full of water, the water is full of course have to clean up, then we have those posts irrigation will be deleted and the detailed point that is before we do all the work not completed. So in the release plate is important. Such as the choice of forum is delicacy >

1: search resources (forum and blog): (just before contact for forum resources is through a forum Links find another forum like this. ) because all ignore the weight of BBS and PR, cause included is not very high. A release of the chain platform, its weight and PR is crucial, but also determines the probability of love Shanghai yield.


leadership chain group person to write a work plan and experience / view, the chain itself is a foundation, Shanghai dragon is like building a house like, the chain is the foundation. In the chain one month since we were doing one thing every day to find resources to complete the registration account analysis to our leadership task resource application resources, did not complete unconditional overtime, (because we don’t work overtime 8 hours a day) the company advocates the principle does not work overtime, but must complete the task, after all is said and done are associated with resources and experience, as can be imagined Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization specialist hands and brain to accomplish, our company slogan: the chain group learning skills to complete the task execution resources practice pay = value = wealth. The following is my work outside the chain since found a part of the content, write about yourself, only to understand and know oneself have much ability to complete the task easily.

chain resources platform: community forums, blogs, classification of information network, talent network, shared network, Download B2B platform. Speaking of the techniques to find resources: when we want to find the forum or blog resources when resources in Shanghai, the search interface box input intitle:bbs or bolg blog community, we find in the resources at the same time to sit on the evaluation platform, such as Webmaster Tools query PR and weight etc..

Today we call

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