believes that no website of Shanghai Longfeng people who do not know the PR value? Don’t know if we can search out: "the PR value for Google, called PageRank, is used to represent a standard" level, respectively from the 0–10 of the ten grade, is a method for evaluating a Google "" importance "". Popular point said a judgment page is Google launched the standard PR algorithm, we also do people in Shanghai Longfeng this industry is very respected, but here I want to say is how to correctly understand the PR value, but also not too highly, this is why? Let’s look at the query method on the PR value and detailed explain.


second, see the search engine rankings of the PR value, we do in this industry are used to say a certain website PR value is how much, in fact, that is the website homepage PR value, and home is the birthplace and link together, so it seems to be more important for some high PR value network company.

PR? Is mainly reflected in two aspects:

first, weight is a combination of content, keywords website optimization, the content can be we set the keyword expansion, in order to achieve a better user experience, the importance of the content can not be ignored, quality content page PR more often than ordinary page to very much, this is many webmaster love to optimize web page oriented product page.

finally, the PR value for a web site keywords ranking also have certain effect, the weight of the website high general keywords ranking will be high, of course, this is not absolute, which also includes the factors of external links. Although the PR value in the industry we have been mentioned, but I personally see it, or don’t be respected PR is good, why


let’s first look at the PR value of the query method:

3, also English website: 贵族宝贝 chat贵族宝贝/ -tools/pagerank-lookup/ (Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is not commonly used, English site work is inadvertently find, share useful person)

2 is suitable for English website inquiries: 贵族宝贝top25web贵族宝贝/pagerank.php

What is the role of

1, Chinese web search engine query tool: 贵族宝贝aizhan贵族宝贝/ (often used in his work)

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