now paste copy of information online too much, I do not know if you have not met, I often encounter, encounter a problem, this one, many solutions, but most do not apply ah, a few years ago the outdated way out. Get confused, finally can not solve the problem. Just imagine, if the content of your website and others are the same, do not have their own characteristics, others by what you see, feel sick of the page, others aren’t so sick? "

1. is best associated with their website content.

we should do what kind of connection?

peer is not good to do what we can do on the downstream industry, where the country can do well, in the release of some ideas.

I think you can do this:

actually love Shanghai this decision I personally feel very good, worthy of praise, not only to give up some of what value things in order to free up the energy to focus we ought to do. Give up the chain we can put more focus on enhancing the website content and user experience.

3. well-known website platform.

two, provide a lot of valuable content.

can be seen from the text, now love Shanghai foreign chain of this one, trust only very small range and high quality of the chain, the high quality of the chain refers to the quality Links, this article can be described as someone happy people worry, why? For a straight to improve the user experience, to provide quality content for the website, this is a good thing, need not be tangled in the end or not to send the chain. But for some of the chain up on the website, this is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue, do not give up has been useless, give up love. To give up or give up ah, the fruit of their own species to try myself.

2. with the best potential site links.

, give up the chain, the chain transfer of energy to the high quality of

so what should we do next?

July 3, 2015, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform news release "super chain algorithm upgrade, the chain declined to function offline", mentioned in the text "the love sea trust only very small range and high quality of the chain, as long as the site to obtain ultra chain can meet the needs of some important and basic content of related sites. At this point, the PC and the mobile terminal is interconnected. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform appeal to you for the chain site, don’t waste time and money."

is not necessarily high, if the content and experience of website of the other side is doing very good, it is worth the exchange.

for this station is a bit difficult, but we don’t climb on the platform, then find some small, local well-known can also be. Of course, the premise is willing to others.

What’s the weight of

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