A5 advertising is an example, look at the money "chuideng" Wangzhuan support station is a typical example of a money borrowed "site chuideng" serial do.


wrote this because my friend from an alliance wanted to buy an ad for A5.


below forum yigao/adZoneView_16900.html

so we extend out of today’s theme is Wangzhuan ideas: borrowing brand to establish their influence.

yes, that’s right. I believe that advertising on A5 is not just for some directional traffic, but more for the brand effect. Anyway, say: Hey, buddy, we’ve got ads in A5, and it certainly works. Borrow a brand from A5 to attract more newcomers to the league. I don’t think any alliance will put all the webmaster on A5’s ad, somewhere else.

well, the train of thought is simple. The key is to stretch. Available >



I think so. Since the ad has been doing, definitely profitable, but IP is only about 40 this is definitely IP. Let me have doubts. Think of the flow of A5 itself should be one hundred thousand units, how advertising effect so bad, we follow the 28 law. 40 IP will have 8 people to sign up for the league, but there are 5 real League players. I think there are no more than 2 of these 5 alliances that can benefit the union.

Niu Wenwen said the horse contest will be locked in the eyes of these was 3-5 years, the turnover of less than 100 million yuan, the founder and the business model can be capitalized, but stopped in the A round of financing before the micro and small enterprises, "it is estimated that the number of Founder 3 years in accordance with the conditions of at least 200 thousand. They have registered companies, there are core team and product structure, but the original investment has spent 7788, the urgent need to rely on investor support to further expand."

above the home page and the advertising price above the forum did not find, the above two advertising prices are about 14 fast / day. The price above the top of the house and above the forum should be slightly higher. But not too high. From this we can see, A5 is really for the webmaster service, and even advertising, price settings are so low, like a.


according to the Zhongguancun science and Technology Park data show that every year there are 4000 technology start-ups in Zhongguancun, while the active venture capital institutions in Zhongguancun more than 100.

Niu Wenwen

from this I feel, A5 advertising effect is not as good as imagined, but why is always full of home page, ideas extended ah, extension, and finally I think of. Brand effect!

since June last year, "entrepreneur" magazine held the first "dark horse competition", and launched the "most investment value dark horse enterprise list" 50 list. Statistics show that there are more than 3000 enterprises to sign up for the competition, each averaging about 200 million yuan of investment and financing docking. At present, more than 400 companies have won venture capital docking, more than 100 companies through the event to get investment. The first batch of winning enterprises have all got venture capital. More than a dozen Vc firm, the dark horse competition, investment alliance, "entrepreneur" dark horse fund has invested more than a dozen enterprises. Xiao Xu

but when I study A5 above put ads but accidentally found a statistical code advertising page actually open, glad to see the horse, a look, what eyes! No. 21 No. 22 No. 23 IP43 IP30 IP45. I can’t believe this is the value of A5’s advertising, and besides, it’s home page.

NetEase Francisco June 20th message, "entrepreneurs" magazine, Niu Wenwen in the "2012 horse competition conference revealed that at present there are more than 100 enterprises have invested through the event, and" entrepreneurs "dark horse fund has invested more than a dozen companies.

we can see that many of the ads above the home page are occupied by those alliances. Since they’ve been doing it, then make sure they’re profitable. So it seems that the official price set by A5 is worth

above the

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