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recently, I just a gift to share online operations every kind of website, like most webmaster, view the site included, outside the chain, log through the webmaster tools, observe the change trend of the major search engines on the web site, in order to be able to find the website from insufficient, maintain better operation. Because of your own website for the search engine, for not too concerned about foreign Google search and. However, when looking at the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, every Google website content most, out of curiosity, he opened the Google search site, your website domain name, a view, see what Google are included, the author found an interesting thing, see below:

(www.liwuzhijia贵族宝贝) Admin5 first, share the need for support, please keep the link, I hope you can be in Shanghai after a lot of problems found in Dragon Road, summed up the problem of

as a webmaster, a Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, personally feel that this phenomenon is more interesting, do stand in the past, the domestic search engine did not find such a problem, this time by viewing the Google web pages in some directory will occur if this phenomenon, do not know whether this is the Google search algorithm the mechanism of the cause, or how it is? The other station in the process of doing station, encountered such a situation?


can be seen from the figure, the same as the three directory, Google included three directory titles are different (the author of the website of each directory is written and the Shanghai dragon Association title). One is according to Shanghai dragon writing directory title, the other two are in the column navigation A tag link text (send send husband, boyfriend) as catalog this title, so I was surprised to understand. As long as there is a certain understanding of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster all know, regardless of whether the search engine, website page title or directory should be included in the title, page title tags described in the title, and should not be in the source code to link text directly as the directory page title, so that as a result, a collection of content for the website optimization did not have no effect.

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