Short board

third to remove the picture, a lot of enterprises most of the sites to store a lot of pictures, the optimization effect is a lot of pictures not only enhance the site, often leading enterprises ranking drop, included drop, to solve the problem of short boards, will picture finishing, note.

The optimization effect of

optimization in the circle inside it is relatively simple, because the love of Shanghai itself to the enterprise website often favors, included speed, but also more willing to upgrade the enterprise website ranking, after this point in Shanghai launched the official website plan, the more obvious, because this is love Shanghai to enhance the user experience of a practice. But if you think enterprise site optimization is very simple, in the search engine optimization is too casual, it is very easy to cause the failure of the enterprise website optimization, after all, in the aspect of search engine optimization, also have their own defect congenital, has some bottlenecks such as the content and the chain as well as the correlation, the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon is not conducive to enterprise website.

second removal of the chain of correlation with the correlation of the short board, love Shanghai algorithm more and more attention to the site, especially the chain, if the correlation is poor, so the chain is not only not a good role, or even counterproductive, so solve the short board, we must use the way first to patient, and the relevant industry site outside the chain, and then find some portal release in some related channels on some news or text to link to the site, so it can improve the correlation of the chain, also can pay attention to the construction of friendship link, to enhance the effect of the optimization of the chain website by Links.

first removed content short board, this is a short board enterprise website common, because the enterprise website has rare attributes, Internet related content is relatively poor, even if it is reproduced is often not easy, so how to promote the richness of enterprise website content? This needs from two aspects to carry out. One is to the relevant industry website for the corresponding material processing, and properly reproduced the current industry news, such attributes can enhance the corporate website of the times, to show their own image to the user, on the other hand to the enterprise for material, cooperation and human resources departments, timely reports of enterprises dribs and drabs, thus not only highly original content, but also can show the image of the enterprise, staff, technology Operation ability, the content is actually in the corporate brand building, has the effect of a stone carving.

In fact, when it comes to search engine optimization of enterprise website

so how to enhance the enterprise website, make a simple optimization show more potential, let enterprise website to become an Internet portal, make an important contribution to enterprise efficiency. In fact, search engine optimization, there is a short plate theory, that is to say, when an optimization is not in place, become the short board of the optimization, so the optimization effect will stagnate, so to solve the optimization effect of enterprise website, to start from the demolition of the short board.

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