love watching movies on the Internet people know, usually in the movie, his speed is not good movies will be very card, this is the bandwidth problem, video requirements for bandwidth and server is relatively high, relatively only a few relatively large brand video website will provide users with high quality viewing mode, and in most of the webmaster, rarely able to see small pa website provides viewing service, website optimization of video website optimization methods and types of the pictures, in addition to the vertical search, also in web search, search terms related to the corresponding video optimization class, and this volume is very large, there are many large web video website uses the method reference to optimize the relevant keywords, the other by advertising Take the proceeds, these are carried out by web search.

according to the survey, at present in many webmaster, video website webmaster is a group that can not be ignored, the video website operation pattern and other reading websites are similar, is a flow type website, but with the recent domestic pornography, piracy removal tendency is more and more strict and this also caused a wave of video website industry cold, many video site owners were, had to temporarily suspend their video service, I have many such examples, because even customers are facing billions of dollars in penalties, other owners could not be shocked? We get on the video how to optimize the operation of the site.

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Optimization of

when we use video website platform of others to optimize our key words, the title of the video, video and others to describe the title description is not much different, "the same weight and import links will also affect the video website ranking situation, and the above mentioned some votes, browse the number of parameters also need to manually upgrade Shanghai Longfeng personnel, after all these things are can brush, especially for sharing, we must pay attention to, the more we share, the chain resources to get more weight will be, this video is higher, when we finally released a video on the video platform the label must be carefully designed, when we go to the observation of the video website platform, we will find these websites based on video The title description and label aggregation operations on video, and with a label, that label design better, the matching degree is high, the greater the chance to recommend.

and pictures of the station, search engines often do not read the content of the picture, also can not read the contents of the video, but we can see some description of video resources and quality from many large movie stations: users vote, including the top (on) the number of users, the number of comments the number of video sharing, and the number of browsing times and comprehensive evaluation and so on, these are the important basis for judging the video resources, these are optimal when we should pay attention to.

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