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, don’t choose "too hot" keywords

but things are not so simple, the two methods are suitable for you, but it may be not suitable for you. The key is that you must know their situation, embarks from the reality, and explore a set of content, method and system.

a book entitled "Lincoln: people, car, canal" books are not get hot, although Lincoln, car and the Hudson River and the sixteenth president of the United States of the same name, but they are almost irrelevant. Has multiple meanings of keywords is another form of "hot" keywords, in addition, different form, meaning will be thousands of miles away.

Most of the

popular keywords are very attractive, we will be unable to restrain the emotions successful fantasy, feel overnight search users flooded the site of pleasure. But it is often the case, look easy. Here we have to discuss the reasons of some words to you too hot in.


"popular" keyword method: if you want to get a higher ranking, you need to use less popular keywords.


intentDifferent overheating

, don’t choose > two

you will hear a lot about choosing the right keywords theory, so you need to make your own decision. You should often hear different versions of the following two methods:

to search the user wants to find what, and what can a lot of thinking to meet consumer demand, so you can easily make a big mistake, in search marketing programs on the choice of keywords may be a major mistake. Is the main search keywords in the marketing part, you choose to use the keywords to determine your success or failure.

plural meaning

click very little

a lot of the audience

multilayer meaning


"hot" method: if you want the website can get a lot of traffic, you should use a very popular search words.

multiple meanings usually appear in several common situations:

search marketing staff adhere to the "more and more perfect" concept, "if women’s fashion boots" is a very good keywords, then "boots" better! Search "boots" more people, more traffic will bring. But the problem is, if you only sell women’s fashion boots, these extra traffic will not bring more transformation. Keywords don’t pursue overheating, but should explore "suitable" words.

needs to be ready to accept the bad results for:

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