search engine search engine algorithm is more and more humanized and intelligent for those past and now can use unscrupulous divisive tactics to get recognition, and give the relevant benefit from the site will be punished.

so we do exchange Links, be sure to check the source code, look carefully to achieve part of the code, if JS calls the link is a >

Yang Zi wrote about this in the previous article mentioned several times, not outside the chain optimization construction has no effect, but not with the construction of garbage link optimization, as long as satisfy the search engine to give the link building conditions, must play an important role in the website ranking, so what’s the link to

from the following points to share with everyone learning together several forms of cheating link:

, a connection through the JS code output.The contents of the But with the

since 2013 to love Shanghai search engine adjustment to combat spam links such as: Scindapsus algorithm upgrade 2 upgrade algorithm to Scindapsus algorithm to give a lot of not conform to the rules of the website have done a corresponding punishment. Resulting in Shanghai Longfeng industry are part of the chain webmaster tell now ranked no use saying on the website.

as long as the above two conditions meet the link on the site optimization rankings are important.

2, the destination links must be most willing to give the user a link (this is the most important)

?The construction of The following

1, the link to

but today there are still many owners in order to get the high quality link is really believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng use unscrupulous divisive tactics, friends have encountered such a situation such as exchange links for the use of a high weight website to your website and you see, his weight is 5, the weight is 3 and you don’t understand I stood in the cheap.

search engine for the JS code which does not recognize, so if the other Links is JS code output, on your website is not up to the weight transfer effect on each other and get a single link to you, of course you two exchange after the other will give screenshots you see, then let you to click on the same can jump into your website, the link to your site without a meaning.

is correlated with the purpose of website In fact,

never thought is a weight of 5 of the site is fake. Or your links in other sites do not have the weight transfer value, this is Yang Zi today to share with you the link to cheat.

site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, plays a very important role in optimizing the construction link, especially in the past 10 years, many webmaster do stand keywords for their own website to get higher rankings to get a more lucrative rewards, they really want to do any way to add links to improve website ranking for the site at any cost.

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