analysis, we can know about the optimization objective is to focus on the content page weight. As the tourism industry, big difficulty of competition is too fierce, it is difficult to make up the natural ranking.

because the search engine think your station connected home with nofollow, said you do not trust this site, it will give you what rank! But do not guarantee that some stations have luck ranking up at once. So please caution.

the first page of this site is basically the nofollow, in addition to a site navigation and part list page links, basic nofollow were added, two drop-down navigation also added. Station list page, also added a lot of nofollow, the content page is put out, other people could go to observe.

today and share with you this:

then Xiaobian this method improved the station nofollow and later, in the rankings up after we have to slowly put some important pages out slowly for nofollow into the conventional optimization methods, which can maintain the stable rank. But this approach with caution ah, as older drivers are small for a long time did not use this method.



small side did not find good material website, take the "tuniu贵族宝贝" say, this website is one of the more extreme for nofollow website.

!!Sixth Shanghai dragon

station nofollow thinking

station nofollow thinking may be a lot of play, buddy heard this will feel unbelievable, do not let the search engine think this website is not to be trusted. What is the ranking ah, this is heaven to the rhythm of



"tuniu贵族宝贝" was first released the list page, and then open the content page, strengthen the weight of the content page, we all know the general column page and content pages are mostly used to do long tail keywords, and more site traffic is from the long tail keywords, so.


first, this kind of thinking ways, not suitable for the new station, new station in this way may lead to the site for a long time without ranking and included, Xiao Bian had spent 10 to stop pro test results, there has been no ranking, is each website boss scold miserably, almost took the dog.

but this method with some very general ranking of the old station will be above Qixiao, previously made a 1100 word site index, ranking has been very general, not very angry, the station to add nofollow, ranking it in a few days on the home page, but there was no corresponding adjustment, the quality of the content can not keep up, and fall in the second page up.

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