2, part of the outsourcing partners: domain name, space control, design and external operation by us, this way is widely used, but he has both advantages and disadvantages.

Optimization: optimization of outsourcing outsourcing is the partner website design is good, but you also need to hand site rectification, and then do the optimization issues, this cooperation is all Shanghai Longfeng most headaches, not only to the whole even on the basis of the safety of the whole.

in Shanghai dragon orders skills, peer cooperation is often a very good way, so that peers is the website of the company, you hold the Shanghai dragon, the other master customer groups, then share Foshan breeze peer cooperation here:

in Shanghai Longfeng market especially the resource cooperation counterparts Shanghai Longfeng can further improve the efficiency of our work, because as long as the peers have the same Shanghai Longfeng criterion, we may be in the process of Shanghai dragon in the know, if encounter is not to change the link peer then it will be a headache, not only to monitor his quality will Links site is down right may be involved. So the real Shanghai Longfeng counterparts would have a multiplier effect, and the cooperation between peers may be more can promote the communication and exchange, can make your Shanghai Dragon Technology >


1, the construction site internal optimization technique: most of the network companies to understand the Shanghai dragon, but the real refinement of the company is not very much, if you are a professional Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel, technical cooperation is a good way, from the internal design website source code to pay attention to the web site structure. And the details of web page note, including server management and all kinds of Shanghai dragon server aided knowledge is your technical cooperation advantage, you can use the training mode of charge. Professional technology after a period of time for the internal optimization of learning can also reach a level, if you beat the market then to eat the first crab. You can also stay in the way of cooperation network, or "home" through the company’s internal network optimization to achieve cooperation effect.


, a Shanghai Longfeng technical cooperation

cooperation and external marketing: network technology company has internal optimization, so the lack of external marketing experience, this is your cooperation highlights, use their resources in cooperation with the network, allowing them to persuade customers to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon received a list, and then the optimization of outsourcing to you. Another way is to build a network outside the company marketing team and your training is not here to say.

two, the overall outsourcing

peer resources cooperation

, 1 station Shanghai dragon Outsourcing: ZhengZhan outsourcing includes domain name space and design optimization one, from the base to the outside by your full planning, this is also the most outsourcing Shanghai Longfeng hope, but the probability is very small.

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