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often encounter fluctuations cannot be explained, the answer is very convincing. To know the search engine server internal confidential, it is not the ordinary people can do so, the novice after listening to the answer, the general will master the admiring.

this sentence was not wrong, it is rarely the chain, it need to increase the chain. After the general master to you said, you will feel the importance of the chain. But it seems to say and don’t say, how much my chain is not clear to me

fifth words: you of the chain is too little, need to increase the chain

sixth words that don’t mass outside the chain, be careful K

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third words: search engine server interior modulation,


indeed, from theory point of view, Shanghai dragon also so seriously, but from a practical point of view, Shanghai dragon is not so seriously. I see a lot of people just contact Shanghai dragon, will repeat this sentence after a few days in Shanghai dragon, why want to say this sentence, mostly because of being misled by veteran Shanghai dragon.

Seventh words: > ranking fluctuation is very normal!

because the new problems tend to be more complicated, a veteran and give this answer, not only answered the novice problem, and keep their face, and no delay your time, it may be said is one.

the first sentence: eventually, Shanghai dragon is so one thing

The second sentence:

keyword rankings do not, by artificial

what is the Shanghai dragon new, just contact Shanghai dragon or just learning Shanghai Longfeng people. So, what is the Shanghai dragon veteran, or have a certain period of time in the field who fought Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not necessarily veteran experts, but the experts is a veteran of Shanghai dragon. Why Shanghai dragon couple will often Shanghai dragon veteran talk, this is an interesting problem here, Fudge is a neutral word, without any derogatory meaning.

is not clear about the causes of the problem, draw the conclusion that the direct analysis, really good. This answer, do not see what is wrong, but the feeling seems to be still wrong.

side of the novice veteran often say that, while has a lot of mass chain. Although some contradictions, but for newcomers, is helpful. Mass master well, K is no doubt, of course group also contains a lot of skills, so look at those veterans, are actually good at using tools people. New start with this, are often prone to backfire.


fourth words: Web site is temporarily down the right, over time will return

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