all stood outside the anchor text are the same, it may be doubted whether the group of cheating.

3, do stand inside the anchor text link, select the first keyword as anchor text.

"Beijing air ticket booking ticket booking" pointing to the home page.

we take this approach, refined "navigation"

this is an important signal, tell the search engines, your anchor text is a natural increase, instead of mass.

see the three key links page, their target keywords are the three anchor text.

5, station anchor text, anchor text in the article, a lot better than separate out.

For example:

, a search engine to convey an important message — the three words in your website is very important.

search engine, which is consistent with the general logic of habit.

For example: you want to

anchor text link: when your article is reproduced, collected, or grab the Rss reader, the absolute address will be right away, thus increasing

this page on a total of three anchor text, Xinhua theater, in 2011 the latest movie, the latest movie list. Please click on the three key words,


for example: your home page title is "Beijing air ticket booking ticket booking _ _ – ctrip贵族宝贝, you can write a

the word "reverse link anchor text, but the current page appears many times" reverse link". We choose to do the first time.

: not a period of time suddenly increased a lot, and then did not add the anchor text chain.

link should not only a Xinhua film, but, online movies, etc..


, but also for some and not related to the internet.

As Internet site associated with their

a new link, although the acquisition will be removed links, but do link than never.

Such as:

1, all anchor text links, the absolute address.

2, station anchor text, to the target keywords as anchor text ".


7, outside the station anchor text, anchor text note increased quantity are evenly distributed in time.

8, outside the station anchor text, pay attention to the site’s diversity and relevance.

6, outside the station anchor text, pay attention to the diversity of the anchor text.

for you If a large number of

4, station anchor text, can add a home page and navigation page keywords anchor text links in the footer.

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