webmaster friends know, visitors to your site the way mainly has three kinds: direct traffic, search engine promotion and links. If you know your site where tourists mainly come from, and can accurately identify the field, then this is the realization of Shanghai Longfeng enhance the flow of great help.

refers to the visitors through a bookmark or directly enter the URL or by other means to our website, which is a direct source of visitor traffic, in order to realize the traffic sources of this type, we should set up a passenger on our website in the bookmark, for example "Bookmarks" button in a prominent place as long as the position of the page, click on will automatically join our web browser bookmarks, but if you want to maintain this bookmark, first of all we need to do is content to be quite good, from a user’s perspective this is an interesting web bookmarks, so they will visit click bookmark.

site visitor traffic source

in order to achieve more traffic from search sites should be young, first discovered in the search engine’s index, to do this, we should let the search engine appears when we visit web pages more easily, through the navigation links and content proper structure, once our web page is indexed, these pages will have the opportunity to appear in the search results, when visitors query related content in the search rankings, but if not at the top of the search results, the effect is limited, so Shanghai Longfeng keywords ranking is a key, the AdWords keyword tool can help you determine the competitiveness of the key words are, for.

in the major search engines (Google, YAHOO, Bing and we are most familiar with the love of Shanghai) on our website and search related content, such as search keywords, or direct search brand domain name, long-term search, search engines will be in early summer we RelevantKnowledge results, this is a noble baby Analytics (analysis) approved, in the automatic classification of "search engine", the other is the classification will only belong to the "website promotion".

refers to other sites before the tourists to visit to visit your site, it can be a directory, list your site. Perhaps it is a blog to your site as a reference. This is where the tourist flow of two kinds of interests, first of all, it also provides traffic, we realized the importance of the web page, and search engine ranking.

in order to get a good reference amount, our website should choose more high quality sites as the site of the external links, the establishment of many such links, but the link is rarely seen by users, so the effect is useless, we need to link is placed in a valid location, such as set these links in the relevant web pages.

1, direct traffic visitor traffic source

3, the search engine visitors flow source

2, The

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