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Shanghai Er Shanghai today feel the dragon dragon is more and more difficult to do, because it is difficult to do, in order to stimulate the motivation of the webmaster, can let the webmaster think about how to innovate, how to make your own website out of the ordinary, in line with the search engine with the user’s habits. All is to copy and paste things, I think it is better to do a little of no value. The author suggests that the chain can start from these aspects: 1. big promotion of Shanghai now love a few soft outside the chain, then we have to change the direction, for example hair extension in the blog in the soft, can go to the information platform, see the good correlation of the article, use their own language to it to organize, add their own views, in the end can be released, with "the article source in × ×, reproduced please specify"; 2, and the weight is high, PR high correlation website is a chain, let the chain to drive us to stand with the weight flow. But this is easy to say, it is a bit difficult, I have to find a better than our site with the weight of PR high chain will spend much of the day; 3, you can find Associated Media to increase the visibility of our website. As in a relatively high visibility of the same industry website, because their website forum more, some busy section is empty, we can tell them to do for this forum is free, you can add a chain to Xuan >

external links

love Shanghai 2 latest announcement: Scindapsus algorithm for some sites around the promotion of the soft release phenomenon, we have been through a variety of ways of treatment. On the one hand, filter clean up the garbage outside chain; on the other hand, the appropriate punishment for the target site. Now each stationmaster net everywhere this announcement information. I believe that many people with similar, see this announcement, the blow is certainly not small. Love the sea one after another update algorithm, which makes the small site owners of the

webmaster know website optimization including the station to station. Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm strictly against bad advertising pages, make the webmaster to focus on low quality web page. And then to fight against chain intermediary, Scindapsus algorithm to sell links, buy links and other super chain cheating, then to Scindapsus algorithm 2 combat promotion soft, it means that the chain the webmaster will face the fate of laid-off workers? Standing outside the chain do, put all the focus on the station optimization.? is also not so serious, love Shanghai algorithm update is to capture the real and useful information for the user, increase the user experience, but also the chain site in the promotion of a piece of pure land. The chain to improve web site keywords ranking plays a important role. Even if the station optimization in good, original content in high degree, but not outside the chain of the outbound links, it is difficult to let the spider crawled all pages of the website, is not full, useful page might not capture, not to allow users to browse.

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