information should be targeted and professional. The main products of the reaction kettle of our site, when the release of information, only for small processing enterprises, and introduces the reaction kettle, the entire production process, technical parameters, working principle and so on. In addition to appear as possible a few keywords, and not have to worry about keywords built by K. Finally, don’t forget to add the content in the website home page links. The benefits of doing so, first we look very professional, can.

again, the content should be targeted, professional

first of all to ensure that your title is the one and only, search engines are not exactly the same as the title of the two search. This requires the title to novel, attractive, users see when they want to see the contents of the title. In addition to understand the potential customers search habits, they care about, what would they care about, such as the price of the product quality and customer service service, address, contact information and so on, forever is our most important information, can put into the title keywords nature it would be more desirable than. But the title should not be too long, be sure to control within 38 words, love Shanghai included only 38 word title.

classified information is WEB 2 derivatives, is a new generation Internet application mode, classified information website can be roughly divided into life, e-commerce, industry portal site navigation, and so on, our common life classifieds site 58 city and Ganji, people network, network platform, because classified information website free membership registration information, the website itself weight is high, by the network to promote the industry’s consistent favour. How to network promotion personnel use classification information to improve the site keywords ranking according to classified information? I do experience summed up the following points for your reference:

no rule without Cheng Fangyuan, classified information website also have their own rules. The first is to try to find a category of categories, the wrong thing is likely to be deleted, for example: 58 city. There are provisions of the ganji贵族宝贝 link position, so the content will not add links. In addition must not send duplicate content and useless junk information the significance of this requires us to repeat the title cannot when sending classified information to the original content. The ability of these sites to determine repeated contents are very strong, generally repetitive content will be prompted to: have issued the same information, the rubbish information is likely to be deleted directly.

again, the title is the key to

second, must play by the rules of

first, to choose a high weight, easy collection of Web site

classified information first select the high weight, classified information website, easy collection of 58 city and Ganji, word-of-mouth network, people network is the higher the weight of life classified information website website, living classified information website products and services generally include: classification information + business yellow pages + classification alliance. Free registration free, easy to manage. Classified information website weight high included are quite fast.

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