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website optimization is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng included

1. quality content construction. The author thinks that the key point is not pure, the original is not important, even if the original is false to let search engine that is the original. Of course.

How to optimize the

website optimization of the search engine oriented promotion means is not from the day to get everyone attention. Many sites are known on the site has been in operation period, and the Shanghai dragon optimization. Of course there are more on the site before the site is built considering will be used to optimize the site of the Shanghai dragon. This paper will introduce how to build on the site before the establishment of the website for search engine.

the content of the website is search engine crawl and index called included, straight say is this website pages in the index database of love in Shanghai. Obviously want the user through the search engine into the site you have to get good rankings, so at least the website to be indexed by search engines. Generally speaking, included more web content to show more opportunity.

The readability of

website and get a better ranking? In the process of internal site optimization in the few places to work? This is the most commonly used, but also great difference. After all, understanding and ideas of Shanghai dragon each person is different, the complexity of the search engine algorithm plus, so these website optimization means what the Shanghai dragon is how the strength of no standard.

to get a good ranking of

1. website. This includes stable server, standardized and easy to grab URL, the number of text content is reasonable, try to avoid the JS code and flash content, away from the jump and frame structure. If the site itself is very good, but ignored some details by hate search engine spiders, it is wrong.

first, search engine oriented refers to all aspects of the web site for search engine friendly, get the favour of search engine. In fact, the search engine is a special robot visitors, commonly known as the search engine spiders. Through access to the web site, read the source code of the website to understand the content of a web page, then crawl and index, and then according to a search keyword related website or page of sort, and return search results. In simple terms, is the collection, sorting, showing the three main steps.

The optimization methods used by

2. site structure clear. The general site should adopt tree structure model, from the home to the channel page to separate the content page. As a result, the website internal link structure generally is established, through the chain of some auxiliary website structure more closely. In addition to the special attention is to minimize the number of links between a home to every one of the most at the bottom of the page.

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