first, I feel is not going to cheat, especially with some brush keywords software, yesterday I have a station is to try, result, today the overall drop right, although the station is a new station, home is just, that we can’t go to the test, but it also proved that certain will punish the site recently, don’t do this, I can give you a look at the screenshot, it is.

we look at this station, this station in the application of science and technology, I was with the so-called software brush brush, so the results, down to the last one, there are some of my friend’s website, are now gone, a few days ago is to brush up, so I built you stop, look at tomorrow. There is a station optimization is also not too, because they are sensitive, firmly say, a few days ago I had an old name for a new program, the result today was down the right, look like the old domain name also unfortunately free.

rankings change I found a problem, is to let the love of Shanghai included some links before noon, we can go to the forum or navigation website to post links, can be very good afternoon to prevent the change of the ranking, ranking changes if in the afternoon, the evening to do the same, can to solve the problem of ranking in the fastest time, which I test several times, very good.

, another one is to update the front page of the site is very helpful for snapshot capture, many times love Shanghai is on a snapshot to right down, so now maintain a snapshot of the website often grab, weather during this period is good, if your website was not updated for a long time, then take a of course, to update, update the intensity is not large, the last time I had a friend, I told him to update the results reproduced from dozens of articles, second days were included, but after a few days back again, also not in the snapshot backwards, crawl the site more than half a month, of course, with a drop right, ha ha.

no cheating cases, not all domain names are spared, site or to regularly update, I think the text is the best way to solve the problem, I have been very love soft, especially by A5 and the owners of the house, so that it can be reproduced in cattle, not as many as before 10, but there are several, than we do it yourself can save a lot of power, and these are included.


you may have recently noted, love Shanghai is now 2 times a day to adjust the ranking, one morning, one afternoon, I think that he must have some recent actions, may be for those brush ranking software, may also be in the near future on the line of several products, but no matter from the point of view of what that is to let users better, faster to find what we need, then we need to deal with it every day, I went to some of the details from the analysis, we hope to help.

There are a few days in Shanghai every day through the


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